2023/2024 Coaching Application (Woodstock Wildcats)

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  1. 2023/2024 Coaching Application Form.

    Please fill out and submit the form below OR print and email the application to [email protected]

    For your reference,
    Here are the OWHA Official Qualification Requirements.
    Plus, Updated Coaching & Staff Requirements.

    Projected Teams for the 2023/2024 Season
    U9-I, U9-II, U9-III
    U11-I, U11-II, U11-III
    U13-I, U13-II, U13-III, U13-IV
    U15-I, U15-II, U15-III, U15-IV
    U18-I, U18-II
    Senior - TBD
Personal Information
  1. Given Name Middle Name Surname
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  4. Example: yo[email protected]. Your submission will be sent to this address.
Team Selection
Check the age skill level you are applying for:

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Coaching Certifications
Please enter your current coaching Certifications and Training w/ expiry date if applicable
  1. ie. Coach 1, D1-Trained, D1-Certified, NCCP# etc. (w/ expiry date)
Coaching References
Coaching References Please try to vary the source of your referances. (ie. team official the applicant has coached with, organization member the applicant has coached for, parent of someone the applicant has coached, who the applicant was trained by as a coach)
  1. Enter full name, address and relationship to applicant
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Coaching Experience
List in order, starting with the most recent.
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  2. Enter in the Association, Team Name, Age Group Coached and the Position you held
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  4. Enter in the Association, Team Name, Age Group Coached and the Position you held
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  6. Enter in the Association, Team Name, Age Group Coached and the Position you held

    If accepted to a WWGHA staff position I agree to abide by the Manual of Operations, Constitution, as well as to follow all the goals and philosophies outlined therein. I am willing to participate in education and development programs provided by the WWGHA I agree to ensure that my staff and I will abide by the requirements for police checks, OWHA certification, and abuse and harassment programs. The information requested on this application is for WWGHA internal use only. By accepting a coaching position with WWGHA, I understand that it is my obligation as Head Coach or my designate to attend all coaches meetings. Failure to acknowledge and sign this portion will result in the application being returned.

    Applications can be received by:

    E-mail: [email protected] 

    Application Deadline for Tier I & Tier II teams is February 12th, 2023 
    Interviews will be planned for before March 19th, 2023 
    1st Team Coaches will be named on or before March 20th, 2023 
    2nd Team Coaches will be named ASAP when able to be determined.

    **No Application Deadline for Tier III & Tier IV teams as will be determined as needed and required.
    (Although if you are interested in a Tier II or IV coaching position, please submit your application ASAP).
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